Gift coupon

You can buy Gift cards in different amount (pay via bank wire transfer or pay in personally in our store) by filling up the details below:

  • 2000 Ft (recommended for buying jewellery)
  • 4000 Ft (ear lobe piercings)
  • 6000 Ft (get different piercings)
  • 8000 Ft (to get a microdermal piercing)
  • 10 000 Ft (smaller tattoos, genital and extreme piercings)
  • 20 000 Ft (tattoos or more than one piercings)
  • 30 000 Ft (bigger tattoos)

These are only recommendations, can be used for any services/purchase in the given amount.

The gift cards cannot be redeemed to cash.

Pay: After sending your details we'll send the further informations to you!

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Name (sender):
Name (who receives it):
Phone (sender):
Address (sender):
Amount (Ft)