Ashley piercing

Ashley piercing piercing + jewellery

7000 - 9000 Ft

Aftercare lotion: 1000 Ft

Anti-allergic jewellery
Without appointment
Open: Mon-Sat 10-21h Sun 11-20h


The ashley piercing is similar to the vertical labret, placed in the lower lip, but the lower end of the jewelry is inside the mouth.


  • The entire healing time of the lip is about 3-5 weeks. Please follow our aftercare instructions during this time.
  • Don't remove your jewel during the healing time!
  • Never rotate, move or play with the piercing, this can cause complications.
  • Don't remove your piercing, keep the jewellery in, don't leave the hole empty, even healed piercings can close in minutes.
  • Avoid using alcohol for cleaning, it can irritate the piercing and delay healing.
  • In a case of any oral piercings, don't eat or drink milk products for two weeks.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol can lengthens healing time and increases risks.
  • Be careful with your everyday activities(brushing teeth, eating).
  • Clean the wound 2-3 times a day with Medisept gel(available in our store) or Tetran cream outside the mouth until it is healed completely.
  • Rinse your mouth with Octenisept solution 3-4 times a day (necessary after meals and smoking) during the entire healing time.
  • Compress with chamomile tea for 5-10 minutes every day can shorten the recovery time.
  • Clean water can touch the wound, but avoid submerging healing piercings.
  • Avoid touching, using make up, creams, cosmetics in and around the wound.
  • Don't protect your piercing with a plaster as they can prevent necessary air circulation.
  • Make sure that the flat ending inside the mouth doesn't sink into the lip.
  • The initial jewellery for a lip piercing is always a longer bar, prevent any complications in case of swelling. The original can be replaced to a shorter one after the recovery time.

Under 18 years

  • Between 16-18 years the following parental consent must be filled and brought with you for any piercing.
  • Under 16 years a parent/guardian must be present.


Name Price (surgical steel) Price (titan) Price (bioplast)
Ashley piercing 7000 Ft 9000 Ft
Ashley piercing
Price (surgical steel) 7000 Ft
Price (titan) 9000 Ft
Price (bioplast)