Nipple piercing aftercare

  • The recovery time for a nipple piercing can take up to 6-8 weeks. During the entire healing time please keep the following advices:
  • Don't soak your piercing during taking a bath or having a shower. Keep your piercing away from shower gel, soap.
  • Twice a day (morning-evening) apply a thin layer of Medisept gel or Tetran cream around the wound.
  • Avoid using alcoholic cleaning products.
  • Don't go to sauna, swimming pool or tanning studio for at least two weeks.
  • Avoid intense exercises, especially the ones for the bust.
  • 10-15 minutes of chamomile tea soaking daily can help the healing.
  • Choose comfortable clothes, tops, bra.
  • Don't remove your piercing until the end of the healing time!
  • Never rotate or move the new piercing!
  • Be sure to regularly check threaded ends on your jewellery for tightness.
  • In case of any injuries of a healed piercing, resume the aftercare procedure.
  • In case of any problems please feel free to see our professional staff members.
  • Medispet gel
    1500 Ft.
    Studex ear care gel
    1500 Ft.