Nose piercing

Nose piercing (Nostril) piercing + jewellery

7000 - 8000 Ft

Aftercare lotion: 1000 Ft

Anti-allergic jewellery
Without appointment
Open: Mon-Sat 10-21h Sun 11-20h


Nose piercings are placed in the nostril, the most popular jewelry is the nose stud. The initial piercing can be a hoop or a circular barbell but we always recommend to use a stud for the shortest healing time. If you would like to wear a ring/hoop or circular barbell after the healing, please let the piercer know before the procedure because the ideal place can be different for different kind of jewelry. The septum and the bridge pierncings are nose piercings as well, but they are not on the nostril. Click here to watch videos of the process and see some pictures of nose piercings For the best healing time please follow the aftercare suggestions. Titanium piercings are available in our store to shorten the healing time.


  • The entire healing time is about 3-6 weeks. Please follow the aftercare suggestions during this time.
  • Apply special piercing care gel (Medisept, Tetran cream) twice a day around the new piercing.
  • Avoid cleaning with alcohol.
  • Don't remove or move your piercing!
  • Don't go to sauna, swimming pool or tanning studio for at least two weeks.
  • Keep your piercing and surroundings clean at all times.
  • Soaking with chamomile tea daily helps the healing.
  • If the piercing falls, put it back immediately, even healed piercings can close in minutes. In a case you cant do it, don't force it, come back to our store right away.
  • Avoid all beauty and personal care products(make up, facial cream) on or around the piercing. Avoid hitching, caught, be careful with clothings.
  • Don't soak your piercing during taking a bath, washing your hair or having a shower.
  • Don't use the cleaning product inside the nostril.
  • In case of any injuries of a healed piercing, resume the aftercare procedure.
  • In case of any problems please feel free to see our professional staff members.
  • Under 18 years

    • Between 16-18 years the following parental consent must be filled and brought with you for any piercing.
    • Under 16 years a parent/guardian must be present.


    Name Price (surgical steel) Price (titan) Price (bioplast)
    Nose piercing (Nostril) 7000 Ft 8000 Ft
    Nose piercing (Nostril)
    Price (surgical steel) 7000 Ft
    Price (titan) 8000 Ft
    Price (bioplast)