Piercing Process

The piercing puncture means insertion of a new jewellery to the chosen part of the body. The piercer use a brand new, completely sterilized single-use needle to puncture the appropriate part of the skin. This process takes about a few minutes (choosing the piercing and explaining the aftercare takes longer) see piercing videos, so the pain is minimal. Before getting a piercing, make a research about the type you wish to get. Click here to see piercing pictures.

Before getting a piercing:
The process starts with choosing your initial piercing. Our professional piercers and shop assistants will help you choose and gives you advice about the right size and material. There are different types of jewellery, they can be used as an initial or will be usable after the healing period.
In the piercing room the piercer has to sterilize the piercing and clean your skin in the chosen region. The piercing will tick the exact place so you can make sure it is in the perfect place.
The insertion takes the less time of the procedure, it is about 30 seconds.
After the process:
We explain the proper aftercare to you and it is provided in writing. Please follow these instructions and after a few weeks you will be a happy owner of a perfectly healed and beautiful piercing.

It is not necessary to book an appointment for getting a piercing!

Always choose a professional piercer. You must be very careful who you have perform your piercing! Homemade piercings can be dangerous, someone who is not professional can cause health issues. Most of the piercings made by an unprofessional has to be removed or re-pierced because of the wrong sized or placed jewellery.