Tonguepiercing piercing

Tongue piercing + jewellery

7000 - 8000 Ft

Aftercare lotion: 1000 Ft

Anti-allergic jewellery
Without appointment
Open: Mon-Sat 10-21h Sun 11-20h


The tongue can be pierced in several places, the most common is a barbell placed in the middle of the tongue in front of the tongue frenulum The inital piercing is always longer with 2-4mm because the tongue is swelling. Bioplast (silicone) jewelry is suitable after the healing time to replace the long barbell. The oral hygine is very important in this case. A wide range of tongue piercing jewelry is available in our store. Against all misbeliefs the procedure comes with a minimal pain. Click here to see some pictures and watch videos of the process to make a tongue piercing Please read and follow the aftercare instructions for the best healing of the tongue piercing Titanium piercing is available in our store for faster healing.


  • The entire recovery takes about 3-5 weeks. Swelling, ache is normal in the first 3-4 days. Please keep the following advices during the entire healing:
  • Don't remove your piercing during the healing time!
  • Don't chew gums, avoid eating spicy, salty, or hot food for a few days. Eat soups and cold food instead. Rinse your mouth after every meal!
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking can extend the healing time.
  • Don't eat and drink milk products for at least one week!
  • Don't speak and play with your jewellery more than necessary.
  • Rinse your mouth with cleaning solution (Octenisept solution, chamomile tea) after meals, smoking, at least 4-5 times daily!
  • Be sure to regularly check threaded ends on your jewellery for tightness.
  • The healed piercing can be replaced to a shorter one. There is a wide range of tongue piercings available in our store, and our piercers can replace it for free.
  • In case of any injuries of a healed piercing, resume the aftercare procedure.
  • In case of any problems please feel free to see our professional staff members.
  • Under 18 years

    • Between 16-18 years the following parental consent must be filled and brought with you for any piercing.
    • Under 16 years a parent/guardian must be present.


    Name Price (surgical steel) Price (titan) Price (bioplast)
    Tongue piercing 7000 Ft 8000 Ft
    Tongue piercing
    Price (surgical steel) 7000 Ft
    Price (titan) 8000 Ft
    Price (bioplast)