Earring piercing


There is a painless and very quick way to pierce the earlobe with the special Studex Ear Piercing System, which is actually not a piercing type. In our store we differentiate two topics. First for children and infants (over 6 months) a surgical steel earring placed in the earlobe to prepare for a different kind of gold earring. Nowadays it is fashionable for boys and girls to wear more than one earring/piercing. With this special instrument we can pierce the lobe and the cartilage too. After the recovery time these ear studs can be replaced to a ring/hoop, circular barbell or labret stud. We have surgical steel earrings, piercings for the ear and a wide range of different jewellery. For the fastest healing please follow our aftercare guideline.


  • The healing time of an earlobe piercing is about 4-8 weeks. During this time please keep the following advices:
  • Keep your earring clean, avoid hitching, caught.
  • Don't remove or replace your piercing until the end of the healing time.
  • Never rotate or move the new piercing.
  • Avoid using alcoholic cleaning products.
  • Keep your new piercing away from shampoo, lotions and shower gel.
  • In the first couple of weeks apply special Ear care gel 2-3 times daily around the earring.
  • 10 minutes of chamomile tea soaking daily can help the healing.
  • In case of any injuries of a healed piercing, resume the aftercare procedure.
  • If you have any worries, inflammation, questions about healing, contact a member of our staff by email, phone or personally.
  • Under 18 years

    • Between 16-18 years the following parental consent must be filled and brought with you for any piercing.
    • Under 16 years a parent/guardian must be present.


    Name Price (surgical steel) Price (titan) Price (bioplast)
    Earstuds (2 pcs) 5000 - 6000 Ft
    Earstuds for kids (2 pcs) 5000 - 6000 Ft
    Earstuds (2 pcs)
    Price (surgical steel) 5000 - 6000 Ft
    Price (titan)
    Price (bioplast)
    Earstuds for kids (2 pcs)
    Price (surgical steel) 5000 - 6000 Ft
    Price (titan)
    Price (bioplast)