Microdermal piercing

Microdermal piercing piercing + jewellery

9000 Ft

Aftercare lotion: 1000 Ft

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A new generation of body piercings shown up few years ago. They called microdermal, dermal anchor, surface anchor. There is only one opening, an anchor is implanted underneath the skin, keeps the head/top which is on the surface of the skin. After the healing time it is possible to change the top of the piercing, so it can be a different colour, size, shape This is a very particular piercing because it can be placed anywhere on the body if the skin is thick enough above the bones. This jewel looks amazing on its own, but very frequent to place more (2-4) in the same part of the body, or can be implanted into tattoos as well. Click here to see some pictures of dermal anchors For the ideal recovery time please read and follow the aftercare suggestions. We use only titanium jewelry for microdermal piercings.


  • The entire healing time is about 3-5 weeks. During this time please keep the following advices.
  • Based on years of experience, we recommend to wait at least one month to replace the top of the jewellery.
  • Avoid intense activities -depending on the placement- be careful with clothing.
  • Don't take a bath, don't go to swimming pools, lakes, tanning studio, sauna for at least 2 weeks.
  • Avoid using alcoholic cleaning products.
  • Apply special Medisept piercing care gel(available in our store) around the wound 2-3 times a day.
  • 10-15 minutes of chamomile tea soaking can help the healing and prevent swelling.
  • Showers tend to be safer during the entire healing time, clean water can touch the new piercing, avoid submerging for two weeks.
  • Avoid all beauty and personal care products -including lotions,soap,shower gel, cosmetics- on and around the piercing.
  • Avoid cleaning with creams or ointments because they can stuck under the top of the piercing, causing unwanted emerge.
  • Don't protect your piercing with a plaster as they can prevent necessary air circulation.
  • In case of any injuries of a healed piercing, resume the aftercare procedure
  • In case of any abnormality, inflammation or questions, please contact us immediately by email, phone or personally
  • Under 18 years

    • Between 16-18 years the following parental consent must be filled and brought with you for any piercing.
    • Under 16 years a parent/guardian must be present.


    Name Price (surgical steel) Price (titan) Price (bioplast)
    Microdermal piercing 9000 Ft
    Microdermal piercing
    Price (surgical steel)
    Price (titan) 9000 Ft
    Price (bioplast)